What is the European student card?

On the occasion of Europe Day, May 9, return to the European student card: a tool that builds the Europe of citizens.


The European student card is not just another card, it is your student card, issued by your institution, but with a double European dimension, visual and electronic: with a european hologram and with electronic recognition all over Europe.


What difference, suddenly?

The difference is that this card is recognized on all campuses and facilitates access to services. Your student status takes on a European dimension. This European student status translates into simplified access to student services, your rights, and facilitates your mobility.

The pilot project developed from 2016 to 2018 and tested between 4 countries has now become a reality. The dedicated site https://europeanstudentcard.eu/fr/ shows the impressive deployment of the card with already more than 400 establishments in 22 countries connected to the platform which makes electronic recognition possible.

Over 1.7 million cards have been edited with the European hologram.


Some examples of visuals of cards with the hologram:


The Normandy University Leocarte

The University of Nanterre card

The Ecole Polytechnique card

The Karlsruhe Institute of technology card

Beyond the card as a passport, the process is part of a vast digitization process intended to make exchanges more fluid. The card project gave its name to a vast project called the European student card initiative, launched by the European Commission, intended to facilitate student mobility in Europe by offering higher education institutions and students services based on the digital boom.


What can it be used for, concretely?

This will, for example, facilitate your reception in an establishment during an Erasmus + exchange or any mobility in Europe.

For your Erasmus + mobility, your university, your establishment, communicate and organize exchanges digitally and you can complete your administrative procedures online, without a paper file.

Your European student status being recognized and authenticated, you can use your card to enter a campus, a university library, a university restaurant, get student rates to buy a coffee, pay for photocopies, laundry and any service, right, tariff, linked to your condition as a student.