Registration of the Higher Education Institution

The European Student Card provides an exchange platform to store and deliver students’ data.
It works following this procedure:
1) The participating Higher Education Institutions (HEI) register as institutions in the exchange platform and can then join the European Student Card process;
2) The HEI proceeds to register it’s students, who are informed about the registration;
3) The students may anytime confirm or cancel their registration in the exchange platform.
Data are stored only in home institution, not in the international platform. Both HEIs and students can opt-out at any time and all data will be removed.

How to connect to the ESC-R platform

Registration on the platform is reserved for directors of information systems of higher education institutions, and responsible for managing student cards.
To obtain the registration link, contact us by completing the form, a link will be sent to you to connect.
The supervisor will validate your registration request and give you access rights to the platform.
A confirmation e-mail containing your username and password will be sent to you.