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CountryHEI / website

Project members of the strategic partnership

Core partners

Cnous (French Agency for student services) is the project coordinator.

Crous Besançon and Crous Strasbourg (regional agencies for student services).


Associated partners

The French committee for student card (CNCE), the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), EUCOR-the European campus (University of Strasbourg and Haute Alsace),  the Agency for mutualisation (Amue),  the national telecommunications network for Technology Education and Research (RENATER), Bourgogne Franche-Comté University, and the French observatory for student life (OVE).


Institutional structure: the French steering committee for the European student card

France is strongly committed to the implementation of the European student card project: The French Ministry of Education, Higher education and research appointed a steering committee “responsible for monitoring and coordinating the work related to the design and implementation [of the European Student Card] and to ensure its representation before national and international bodies “.

The first meeting of the Steering Committee took place on Wednesday, 16 November 2016, at the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, in the presence of Monique Ronzeau, President of the Steering committee, Dominique Marchand, President of Cnous, and core and associated partners of the Committee.

The implementation of a European student card allows “a recognition of student identity and aims at fostering cooperation between institutions and allowing reciprocity of the rights and services benefiting to students “.


Permanent members

For the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research:

• the General Directorate for higher education and employability (DGESIP)

• the Digital development for Education (DNE) the Directorate for European and International Relations and Cooperation (DREIC)

• the Directorate of Evaluation, Forecasting and Performance Department (DEPP)

• the Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI)

• Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)

• the Bologna secretariat “Sorbonne-Bologne” entrusted with preparing the Ministerial conference in the European Higher Education Area, 2018 in Paris or his representative.


Associated members: Higher education institutions involved in the steering committee