Digitization of Erasmus +: European call for tenders

The call for tenders announced a few months ago by the European Commission has just been released. It organizes the structuring, governance, maintenance, development and sustainability of the European Student Card Initiative. The amount of the allocated envelope (40 million € over 2 years) illustrates the will of the EC to move forward, the strategic place and the spectrum of the initiative.

2 parts:

– 31M €. for the digitalization of mobility management (Erasmus Without Paper side): in addition to the developments already announced for 2021-2023, setting up of a platform + support resources for stakeholders and institutions, security and GDPR-proof data exchanges, expansion of the EWP network (“expanded EWP network”), development of the E + mobile application as a way of communicating individually with students

Technically to be noted: the integration of European public bricks on eID, e-signature and e-delivery (secure exchange of documents) – already used for example by the EU social security data exchange platforms or court decisions between Member States

– and 8M €. for the card: in particular design, production and distribution, but above all expectations regarding the release of student services.

Deadline for applications: March 24, 2021. Opening of proposals received: in public on March 26.

Find out more: https://etendering.ted.europa.eu/cft/cft-display.html?cftId=6757