Building a European student identifier: Why? How?

The French conference of the European MyAcademicID project was online on November 12, 2020.

From the question « Building a European student identifier: why? How?», Jean-Paul Roumegas, international advisor at Cnous and coordinator of the European student card, endeavored to show how this project was the summit of a convergence between several European projects, including Erasmus without paper and the European student card, as well as a step towards the construction of a European portal of student life services. My academic ID and the EDSSI project are in this way a deployment of the “service” dimension attached to the European student card. Marie-Pierre Chalimbaud, technical advisor in charge of digital at the Erasmus + Agency in Bordeaux, returned to the European student card initiative in order to lighten the management load of institutions and simplify the mobility of students of the Erasmus program, by underlining the implementation schedule requested by the European Commission. Joachim Wyssling, coordinator of MyAcademicID project at the European University Foundation, discussed in detail the use cases and usefulness of the unique identifier. And Hervé Bourgault, engineer for the french identity federation, Renater, dwelled on the longer-term prospects opened up by this identifier, its technical implications and the strategy to be implemented in higher education institutions.

This webinar welcomed more than 100 participants from institutions – information systems and international relations – and operators of ESR, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


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MAID Europe-wide closing conference will take place in English and online on December 14-15.

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