Conference participants are filming a presentation on their smartphones.

European Student Card Conference 2017


The ESC conference took place on June 6, 2017 at the University of Münster in Western Germany. It presented the current state in the technical development of a European student ID card that could give access to services as diverse as library use, student restaurants, copy machines, or local transportation – one card for different services and all this with cross-border functionality.

Additionally to the comprehensive presentation of the idea of a European Student Card, the conference focused on the opportunities in Student Services, and looked at the challenges which might come along with its implementation. The participants received an overview about the current state of development, the progress of the EU-project and had the possibility to see the first prototype of a European Student Card. The practical workshop allowed the verification of technical requirements.

The conference was aimed at leaders in higher education who are interested in the digital future of student cards, and was particularly useful for directors of IT services or student services in European institutions of higher education.



Documentation – Presentations

Jean-Paul Roumegas: ESC General Project Outline

Frédérick Bigrat, Jean-Paul Roumegas, Michel Affre: ESC User guide for implementation

Claire Crowley: Implementing the ESC in UCC – Preparing for the future

Mats Lindstedt: EMREX

Magda Mantegazza: EDUCatt

Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz: Erasmus Without Paper

Dr. Tamas Molnar: The Berlin Campuscard System

Philippe Portelli: Eucor – The European Campus: European student card experimental site